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About ITZR
About Zhiren

Research and Development strength

Based on the inheritance and practice, the company has established its own R&D system. We adhere to the opportunity of innovation and development, and strive to promote the pace of technological innovation and new product development, and actively attract professionals. It has established a research and development department one mainly based on PCBA, all-in-one PCS and notebook computers, and a research and development two mainly based on smart phones and tablets.
We firmly believe that a strong research and development strength is the foundation for our continuous growth.

Quality Management

Through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, we have developed a complete quality management control procedure. Customer first, quality-oriented; continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence for the company's quality policy. We have established a management philosophy of "quality first, excellence", and formed self-inspection and mutual inspection to ensure the quality of each production chain to ensure zero defects in quality.

Lean Manufacturing

Strive for perfection and the pursuit of excellence means excellence and perfection, and strive to achieve the ultimate goal of seven zeros. Optimization of human resource management, streamlining all work that does not generate added value in product development, design, production, and management. Optimize the division of labor in the production process, reduce the programmatic process, and make the process more reasonable. The fastest response to market demand with the highest quality, lowest cost and highest efficiency.

Warehouse Management

From supplier delivery-procurement-transportation-transfer-distribution-discharge-inspection-entering warehouse-production-semi-finished product storage-finished product processing and assembling-finished products warehouse-delivery to the customer
Form a set of standard management system of warehouse to better meet the needs of upstream suppliers and downstream customers.